Sunday, August 7, 2011

whew! i'm tired, too much awesome for one weekend...

I have had quite the adventurous weekend!

Friday: Discovered Mad Men on Netflix (hey! i haven't seen season 4 yet!) Made for quite an exciting evening with The Mister.

Saturday: No derby practice, which meant I had time to clean a bit then go thrifting! Here's what I found:

9 fiestaware plates for $2? Sure, I guess I'll take them off your hands ReStore! Same goes with the cute vintage Disney World ash tray. $.25? Alright, I can deal with that. The paint scrapper was a household need, but I do have to say I love the wooden handle. The book? For my nephew, I'm so excited to have found it!!

Goodwill has been kind as well:

 We went to Graceland, and bought a souvenir or two. Not coffee mugs though because at $10 each it is just silly. Goodwill, however, offered this up for $.50, so we bought two!

This bowl is for my mother, although I do love it! We saw them at an antique store a while back and she has been trying to find them to collect them ever since. It seems her and her sisters all had some growing up :) When I saw it for $.56 at Goodwill I was ecstatic! Can't wait to deliver it to her!

ANYWAY, back to my adventurous weekend!

After an awesome thrifting trip, I went to get my hair did. A friend (well, actually, we have a mutual ex! ha!) is an amazing stylist and is working at a new shop. I decided to show her some love and make an appointment. I got the hair off my neck and am feelin' pretty good!

So after that, it was derby time!! A friend of mine (one of those rare ones that you've been close to since you were 3) came up to visit and see our derby league. I was not competing this time around, but was announcing! We had an absolute blast, as it was a very exciting game! Check out the Twin City Derby Girls, we're definitely up and coming!

Then, we slid on over to Memphis on Main to see a localish rockabilly act: The Hillbilly Jones! They do originals, but for this set did lots and lot of covers too! It was 3 hours of rockin songs that I never get to hear live!

*Sigh* This weekend rocked, and I still have my lazy Sunday ahead of me :)