Sunday, October 30, 2011

I absolutely love Pyrex.

Oi! I know I know.... predictable! "Look at that girl: she wears red lipstick and wannabe vintage glasses.. and I bet she collects Pyrex too!"

But in my defense, the stuff is effing gorgeous!

It all started when my grandmother died. We were performing the horrible task of sorting through her belongings. I always had a taste for vintage style, but didn't really know much about the wonderful world of vintage kitchen items. Well I came across a blue dish with a Cinderella type pattern on it. I mean, this thing was amazing! I asked around to see if anyone cared and they didn't so I took it home with me.

(this is not my image)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Being okay with being an ecclectic collector.

So I do a lot of blog stalking. With all the time I put into blog stalking you'd think I could post more than once a millennium, eh?

I see a lot of really cool things, primarily houses and vintage collections. Cause that's what I'm into. People with salt n pepper shaker collections, tiki collections, record collections, and milk glass collections (sigh.. i love milk glass) Pyrex, dolls, shells, whatever... I love checkin it out.

But then I'll see a house tour like this:
 images via Apartment Therapy, another site i'm mildly obsessed with.