Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Journal: July 21, 2010

OMG someone was looking down on me and smiling, because I had an awesome thrifting day!

I was headed to ReStore and ReStore ONLY as I don't have a lot of cash and just needed an old colander to clean out the fish tank rocks. But, of course, I spent an hour scouring the shelves for something great.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to search too hard because sitting right up front was a set of 4 Pyrex mugs! The tickets on the bottom said "set" and had no price. I searched and searched for the remaining pieces, but found nothing. As I nervously took them to the register to ask "how much?" the guy says, " Well, I guess I'll charge ya a quarter each." EEP! I spent 2.72 and got the 4 mugs, a colander, and an old airline travel bag to assist with packing up the house.

These mugs are beautiful, and its so strange that I would find Pyrex considering I was just gushing over Eartha Kitsch's Mom's collection! Strange, eh?

They're gorgeous, with almost no staining or marks at all! No chips either.

I haven't begun collecting Pyrex much (YET) haha so I don't know if I want to hold on to them or send them away to someone who will love them.

Also, I caught Kitty in my Henry Bertoia chair, and she just looked GLAM! So here are some pics from our photoshoot..

*Sigh* Now to get back to moving preparation.

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