Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thrifting and Planting

Hey there!

So I have finally taken some pictures of my recent finds. Nothing too crazy, but I have felt fortunate :)

The pictures are phone pictures, however, because I keep forgetting to steal the man's nice camera. BOO!

 the awesome rose bandana and citronella candle i'm definitely keeping!

the Florida souvenir tray and cute daisy clip-on earrings will go to the shop. you didn't forget about it did you? 10% blog coupon to the right of the screen!

aw SNAP! Pepe (on the right) we've had for a while, Pipi (on the left) is a new (and happy) addition to our home!

And now for gardening...

I planted some bell peppers!! (not shown...)
I hope the seeds will germinate. Gah, I'm so nervous! I'm a total noob!

 today's projects minus the peppers

this vase i got at Goodwill for $.76 and i love it!! lil Fern in there :)

i'm hoping they all survive considering the fact that i seem to have a BLACK THUMB OF DEATH! haha wish me luck!!!

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  1. I love all your plants. It's making me want to make a run to the nursery up the street today.