Sunday, October 30, 2011

I absolutely love Pyrex.

Oi! I know I know.... predictable! "Look at that girl: she wears red lipstick and wannabe vintage glasses.. and I bet she collects Pyrex too!"

But in my defense, the stuff is effing gorgeous!

It all started when my grandmother died. We were performing the horrible task of sorting through her belongings. I always had a taste for vintage style, but didn't really know much about the wonderful world of vintage kitchen items. Well I came across a blue dish with a Cinderella type pattern on it. I mean, this thing was amazing! I asked around to see if anyone cared and they didn't so I took it home with me.

(this is not my image)

I actually had 2 and one broke in transport. I cried.

I know she had more Pyrex, and I wish I would have had the guts to grab it all because now every time I see a piece of Pyrex I think of her. And of how effing beautiful it is. 

That pattern is now my favorite to collect, but I rarely find it whilst thrifting. Next best is the butterfly gold pattern on white. I love it! My collection isn't as extensive as others, but that is because I try to only buy thrift.

ANYWAY, back to my post about how wonderful Pyrex is. Not only is it beautiful, but it withstands the test of time. Yes, I managed to break one but I've seen far too many that have lasted this long to doubt their ability to hold our casseroles even through a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, I went there.

It is nice to have that kind of confidence in a kitchen item. Having pieces that you know will last helps you bond with your kitchen, right? Preparing, eating, and storing food with plastic gives off a temporary feel. Using Pyrex gives warm fuzzies every time you bust it out. You're in this together! You will dominate your hunger and food storing needs together... forever! It is quite a romantic idea.

Many people prefer to use their Pyrex purely as decoration, however. I am (mostly) one of those types of people. There are a few items I feel comfortable cooking with (see beautiful mixing bowl below). But more times than not I have flashbacks of shattered Pyrex all over the floor and shiver. Which is why I REALLY REALLY need to finish painting my gifted China cabinet so that I can properly display my prized pieces.

So, what do you think? Are you hugging your Pyrex right now? Don't forget to tell it how amazing it is daily or it might not hold together so well the next time you ding it against the cabinet door.

Also, are you a display-only collector or do you collect Pyrex with purpose?


  1. Collecting Pyrex is probably the only mid-century addiction I don't have yet, but only because I still have all my original clear that I got as a newlywed in the 60s and don't have room to store any more. But if you keep showing me your beautiful collections, I don't know if I can continue to resist.

  2. Hey girl! OMG I love it too. It's just so vintagely perfect! My grandma died in 2004 and I had to drive to Detroit in my wee little Escort and bring back as much as I could fit in it, which definitely wasn't enough room. Her house was filled with retro furniture and all kinds of stuff. She even had the working 50's fridge in the basement with a pink and chrome diner table and chairs. I literally cried when I wasn't able to bring a lot of it home. I grabbed what I could though so I cherish that stuff. But the one thing I left behind that I didn't mean to breaks my heart to this day. I forgot to grab my dad's wooden wheeled roller skates that were engraved with his initials. They were stashed in the basement with a bunch of stuff I couldn't move. We ended up selling the house with all that junk in there so I'm guessing the new owners probably tossed them. :( Anyways, don't feel like a freak when it comes to collecting awesome vintage stuff, especially Pyrex. I'm going to post about an awesome dinnerware set that I found recently, so keep your eyes peeled.. I know you'll love it!!!

  3. @Dana: you have enough beautiful items in your store to last a lifetime! However, I'm sure if you started collecting you would have a nice display!!

    @Retro: I'm glad you can relate! I look forward to seeing your dinnerware post!

  4. I actually got my first pyrex when my grandmother passed, cinderella mixing bowls. I use mine alot!