Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wrapping Paper Shmapping Paper

I'm into retro stuff.

So why shouldn't my gift wrapping follow that trend?

My Christmas will involve shopping local, handmade, or thrift as often as possible. (I was aiming for 100%, that hasn't entirely happened I'll be honest.)

Locally, there is a lil shop called the I.D.E.A. Store. It is a bit of a trash/salvage store to be honest but if you are creative, you can do some wicked stuff with what they have to offer! I'm only mildly creative, so when the shop owner suggested using maps as gift wrap I was on board!

I paid about $.60 for 3 maps. 1 map ($.20) wrapped 3 small/medium sized gifts. Not a bad deal, eh?

Then I got sassy and used some sheet music to make my mom's gifts more feminine and fancy. It worked well and was equally cheap. Being a band geek, it made me a bit emotional to cut the music (yes, I had the urge to pick up and play the flute I sold years ago..) The sheet music (and maps for that matter) are nice and sturdy and easy to wrap. This will be good for transport. In the past, I have found that wrapping paper can tear a bit easily.

Fruit nets provided a new texture to a couple of my gifts. I'm still experimenting with this concept, I saw it online somewhere.

What are your creative gift wrap ideas?



  1. What cute packages! When I was a kid, I remember my mom wrapped a gift in newspaper for the kid who delivered the paper. It's really easy and inexpensive to use butcher paper or brown wrapping paper and stencil or rubber stamp designs on it. The last few years, I've been really lazy and have just hit the dollar stores for bags.

  2. wow those are all cute ideas I would never have thought of! My bachelor uncle used to wrap our gifts in stuff like the comic section of the Sunday paper & one time he used old feed sacks.

  3. I love the idea store.. its my favorite