Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Advertisements Show Paradise

As I'm doing research, I decided to investigate kitchen advertisements to discover trends and selling points.

Most of these ads wouldn't even need text to sell to me. Nor did they really need the text to sell the home-maker. Prosperous times allowed for more decor in the home. And boy.. did they WORK it! I mean, look at this ad for cabinets!! So gorgeous..

Oh the beautiful steel cabinets, a must in my future kitchen. Some day... some day...

I also found great peeks at the appliance world of Mid-Century times. As you know, families were post-war and happy to experience less rations and more income. As wallets grew, so did families causing the need for smart cooking! Kitchen gadgets are my favorites! They proved you were a modern atomic family, and were thus treasured by housewives everywhere. Here are a few appliance ads for you :)

Aren't these great? They really teach what was important to the home-maker in the era. Glam and convenience.

I hope these advertisements put you in retro dreamland like they did for me. I will be on the search for more and more because they give such insight to the minds of consumers of the time. Just think of Don Draper conjuring up these ads with thoughts of his wife (or someone else?) in mind...


  1. These are so awesome. I love old advertisements. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Is that chick in the pink dress "vogueing"? That is so 1990s! School!

  3. whoa, comments? on my blog?? damn... maybe I should write more. heh heh