Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dining Furniture

It seems there are many ways one can go in regards to retro kitchen furniture. Astro..modern...diner.."Mid Century Modest" as Retro Renovation terms it..I thought I'd show a couple examples of these with a little background I managed to dig up.

Go Pedestal! Knoll's tulip design is downright awesome. A mid-west girl like me is a little uncomfortable with the modern shapes, but its enough to make me peak between my fingers to take a second look!
So sexy!

Heywood Wakefield is a slightly toned down sexy. It is girl next door, but the soft lines definitely act as a sheer negligee. Subtly hot. This stuff is beautiful! I think I first got turned onto it after reading Welcome to Deluxeville and after reading of her deep deep love for the stuff, I decided to look into it.

Heywood Wakefield Dining Set 

I don't know why, but I've always associated the next look with mobile home living. Using the Bertoia chair around any dining table is actually quite badass, in a picnicy sorta way. I love seeing the Bertoia mixed with formal and informal settings. I am hoping to grab a few for my diner style table. *Note to self: Keep dreaming!*

Diner Style is often the most duplicated and obvious form retro there is in my opinion. As "obvious" as it may be.. I can't help but love a burger, especially on diner style dining furniture! They're also really good for card playing: Here I am at a friend's home with her diner style table. The table is really neat, with a crazy design on the top. I just recently bought one similar to this but with a metal pedestal base and its light blue. The problem? I haven't found chairs for it yet! Ghoulina rocks Herman Miller style chairs with her table, and the combination looks great!


I've seen the trend towards mis-matched dining room furniture and I have to say... I'm totally into it! Only because it makes the search for a vintage look a little less stressful. However, I still think you should give matching furniture a chance. It takes more digging and sweating in various estate sales and thrift shops.. but its worth it. If you can't find all those pieces quite yet, work with what you've got:

And because old ads are fun:

What style do you prefer?

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