Sunday, February 20, 2011

no more teasin'

In regards to this teaser pic ^

So I got this wicked drop-off from my wonderful mother (pictured below with my father in all their glory)

We go thrifting when I visit her, and we found this wicked batch all together at a thrift store in my hometown (small towns are THE BOMB!) I don't want to be selfish, and probably don't need 35 Starglow dinner plates (or do I??) So we decided for me to pay her back I'll share the love, and sell some of it! 

YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!! ETSY STORE! Yay! I can't wait to show you some of my goods :)

I'm also pumped because she helped me with my collection, and I can now have enough dinner plates to through some wicked dinner parties. wanna come? there will probably be bacon involved.

Etsy Preview: Bandita's Midwest Treasures

and here are some more pics of my Saturday, just for the hell of it


  1. I will definitely buy a berry bowl and some salad plates once you open. I broke one of the bowls that I bought from Disastercat. :(

  2. What a cool mom you have! And I can't wait to see your Etsy store. Good luck!

  3. I definitely need a new set of dishes. I keep breaking mine right and left and I think I'm going to use my pepper ones in a skeet shooter....

  4. haha well i'll be putting more dishes on my etsy soon! right now i have berry bowls and some gorgeous stemmed shot glasses, you should definitely check it out!