Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Shopping

so this is what my backyard looks like today.

YET! I still managed to: GO TO DERBY PRACTICE AT 9:30AM and GO TO HABITAT!!

Overall, good day so far! And who is going to see JOE BUCK tonight?? THIS GIRL!

Anyway, more about my thrifting adventures. I have been having this internal debate that has been pretty intense. To etsy, or not to etsy. I would love some of your feedback on this subject!

You see, I love the search, and often find some really neat stuff!!! However, not all the neat stuff needs to be in my home. BUT! I know SOMEONE needs it! I just don't know if what I find will sell, or if it is worth it. But it could be tons of fun, eh?

Here are some of my finds that I did not purchase:

gorgeous :)

pretty sweet!

 soooo many things i could say about these owls. make sure you check out the one
made out of shells back there! totally wish i would have bought that planter

especially love the one on the left. the bottom marking said "Italy" 
also totally wish i would have bought it!

 these are so neat! need to get more info on them.

basically a whole bathroom set! wish i owned my house :)


You know what's frustrating? I can't really get much scoop on it. The problem is, I haven't really searched that hard.. haha! oopsie. I wanna clean it, but can't figure out how to get the front off so I can make that happen! Advice?

Sorry I'm asking so much of my 8 readers :) But you all have the info that I'm too pathetic to find!


  1. Cool fan! It looks like the fan cover might come off if you push it out of each of those metal hooky things. It looks like it might be a tricky pain in the ass though.

    I too am questioning whether to Etsy or not. It's hard to research on their site how much things sell for and how quickly. I feel that if you have specific things people are looking for, you can't go wrong. For me it's just about time and do I have it?
    Apron Thrift Girl, Thrift Core, and A la Modern all have great selling advice.

  2. awesome advice, i'll check out their sites :)

  3. I opened an Etsy account and contemplated selling, but I never followed through, because about that same time, my son-in-law got the idea to rent a retail space and go into the mid-century business in a major way. I still think it would be fun, and I may try to sell some of our china that way. Rhan Vintage (Marcy) is a blogger who could tell you about Etsy. She evidently has a booming business and makes the prestigious front page of Etsy regularly. In fact, she has a couple of things there right now. You could convo her though Etsy or go to her blog.