Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrifting and Bouting

Finally, a little thrifting action that was worthwhile!

Check out my glorious new wastebasket! Only $2 at ReStore!

Also, I got this adorable little tin:

These are older finds, but clock+fork/spoon cost me $7 total!

Very happy with my purchases! Today, I will be off to Goodwill to find a Barbie to zombify (long story: we're hosting a zombie event. i decided there must be a zombie bikini contest that would need a trophy. more info to come)

Also, had my last bout of the season last night (The 'Paign, Twin City Derby Girls!) A portion of the proceeds were benefiting the Mill Breast Cancer Institute. I decided to pay tribute to my grandmother who suffered of breast cancer.

Skating for her must have worked because I got bout MVP!! I can't believe it! Very very excited! Skating in a 90+ degree arena wasn't easy, and I'm proud of my team for our hard work.

All in all, awesome weekend! How was yours??

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  1. Great finds...and congrats on the MVP! You did have a good weekend!