Sunday, July 3, 2011

um... thrifting?

So I don't know about you, but summertime is supposed to be golden in the thrifting world. So what's up with all the figurines lacking body parts? See below:

These were made to be this way! The Marie Antionette (??) was actually a container of sorts. Opened in the middle to hold your favorite jewelry? Creepy, I don't know how glam I would feel opening a headless lady to get my bling out. The pirate, I totally get. Kind of... He looks sad though, and I really wanted to bring him home. But, I just really felt he would be a bit of a downer. Meaning, I would be emotionally affected by him every time I passed him on the shelf. And that's just no good.

And then there was Jesus..
 It was in a classy plastic frame. There was also a plastic piece featuring the last supper. And not just the frame was plastic.... the art was plastic too! Someone was very religious.

There were a few good things though, like this:
I didn't buy this, although I'm thinking I should have to at least release back into the wild. However, since I don't understand how to effectively sell on etsy I knew it would be better left to someone else to pick up and release.

Last weekend, I got this great Pyrex dish while garage sailing (more fun than saling, trust me).

Have you found anything great lately?

PS: Happy 4th! I wish I could say I was going to look anything like this lady for this glorious holiday, but as I mentioned in a previous post, my vintage wear sucks. It will be jeans and a red tee for this lady! 

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!


  1. I'm still thinking over the whole Marie Antoinette thing. Why would the manufacturer of jewelry boxes produce something designed to warn women about the dire consequences of owning expensive things? And besides that, like you said, it's just plain creepy.

  2. "Meaning, I would be emotionally affected by him every time I passed him on the shelf." - ha! I LOVE that! I've found a few good things lately but nothing mind blowing. Half off sales tomorrow...fingers crossed!

  3. OH PLASTIC JESUS! Ms. Antionette is scaaaaary! Don't think you are going crazy though, thrifting has royally sucked lately...