Saturday, November 5, 2011

while i'm waiting on the bleach to activate...

I thought I would share my recent ebay efforts!

I hate the thought of cool items sitting on a dusty shelf at the thrift store, so sometimes I pick them up and release them to the wild.

I only have 3 auctions currently, and all of the items I'd love to hang on to if they don't sell! haha but alas, I think they should go out to real collectors.

I feel I keep my prices reasonable. For example, a couple of these awesome mosaic Fire King bowls sold for $15. I set my price at $4.99. Ends today, we'll see what happens!

Click to see listing!

Then there's Boontonware. I am extremely fascinated with Boontonware! Melamine is awesome, heavy duty, and effing pretty as eff! The handles on these tea cups are so art deco I can't even stand it!

Click to see listing!

Then there are the ever so collectible souvenir trays! I have 3, an official collection. I'm gifting them to some lucky ebay winner as an insta-collection! I've seen some really cool things done with these trays, so I hope someone that is madly in love with them picks them up! 3 Trays, $4.99? Yeah, I'm awesome.

What's shocking to me is this guy: a vintage awesome sugar canister. For only $5.99. I've listed it twice and it hasn't sold. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong?

I hope this ebay thing can feed my need for thrifting and make some people happy! Do you ebay?



  1. I eBay, Etsy, CL, have a store...I'd peddle on the street corner if it weren't so undignified. Oh, wait...we've thought about having a parking lot sale, so I guess I don't even draw the line there...LOL I passed your link to the trays along to the Vintage Spinster. I don't know you read each other's blogs or not...but she collects the trays. They may be some she needs.

  2. I do read her blog! I shoulda thought of that :) Thank you!