Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Transfer How-To from a How-To

So this has nothing to do with "retro" besides the retro idea of DIY!

I have been playing around with wood photo transfer because of a video I saw online.

 So basically you go out and get some wood. Then, print off a picture you really like. Your home printer should be perfect, I used a copier/printer. Word on the street is that magazine clippings are good for this too.

If there are words, reverse it. I'm bummed because I totally forgot to do that for the MAIN ONE that I wanted to transfer! Sneak preview: homestead cramps lyrics. Ugh, can't wait!

Anyway, apply a gel medium to the wood. Gel medium can be purchased at craftstores worldwide! I got mine at Michael's in the fancy painter section. This shiz was $12, so I signed up for Michaels' emailed nonsense and get 40% off. Whoop!

SO BACK TO THE CRAFTING: Apply the gel medium with a paint brush or foam brush, light layer not too heavy. Put the picture face down on the gelled wood.

Let it dry "overnight" is what the video says. I have no idea how many hours you should wait. I did mine at 3pm and finished it this morning around 11am and was fine. 

After you've let it dry (approx 20hrs?) take a warm damp cloth and start rubbing the paper off. You'll notice how awesome your piece of wood now looks :)

Once you have all the paper off the piece of wood you'll wanna do a coat of mod podge (or as I have always called it "modge podge") to cover and protect it. In case you've never used modge podge, it is amazing. And dries clear so don't be alarmed by its lack of opaqueness out the jar.

And voila! Awesome art! I used a contrasted pic of myself for the lil plaque and an awesome photo-shopped pic of my dad for the color one. (I know, I'm a photoshop goddess pretty much)

I envision some cool collages and vintage magazine art, but I have been wanting to display some of my design pieces for a while. Now I have a unique way to do it!

YOUR TURN: Go make some awesome action and show me your pics!!


  1. That's awesome and those would make really creative holiday presents too. Gonna do it!