Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lil bit 'o thrifting today..

Wimped out, but found a couple good keepers. The item I have my dish scrubby on matches my Pyrex tea cups and salt 'n pepper shakers. This probably isn't the BEST purpose for it, but it REALLY makes my sink look cute...

These are some metal coasters, a set of six all Florida. I loves em, but might part with them. What do you think?

Then, I saw these Tom Collins glasses that made me think of Mr. Modtomic! Unfortunately, they were in rather poor condition. But still pretty effing awesome. I didn't buy them, should I have?? Lots of gold missing, but $.75 each.. could look good in the bar.

Then, tonight, I watched a local blues band called The Delta Kings. Hubby was running sound for them, so some of my derby ladies came to keep me company. It was quite enjoyable.


Now here I am at 2am deciding its a good idea to blog as I chow on late night foods such as seasoned fries and sausage links. *sigh* healthy habits :)

Any better thrifting finds this week?????


  1. I haven't been thrifting yet around town but I might tomorrow. Don't feel bad about the fries and sausage... I was eating peanut butter fold over sandwiches with a glass of chocolate milk a min ago. MMMMM... homemade peanut butter cup goodness.

  2. sounds AWESOME! ever had peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches? toast the bread slightly, then put on the goodness. another version of homemade peanut butter cups!

  3. Neither one of you should feel bad. I was eating peanut butter straight out of the jar a few minutes of the pitfalls/perks of living alone.

    I picked up about 20 pieces of Royal China Blue Heaven last night, along with some random pieces of Russel Wright...and I got a teak tea cart and a dropfront desk from my son-in-law, which I still haven't paid him for. He knew I'd be all up in his ear till he let me have them, so he finally gave in. Now I have the furniture, and he has a good story to share with his guy friends about his nagging mother-in-law. Sounds fair to me.

  4. whaaaa?? where did you find your sweet score of Royal China? sounds AWESOME!

  5. I had a china set given to me about 7 years ago... nice 1940's set with a dogwood flower as the design. I've had them wrapped up in boxes for years now and wouldn't dare use them... boys in the house and all. Guess I should get a china cabinet! :) And omg, no I haven't tried the Nutella sandwiches. Sounds like I need to give it a shot.