Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eye Candy

Do you feel jipped? Me too, I suck at blogging. The goal was to educate about vintage kitcheny things. Now here I am not even educating myself! *Sigh* Roller derby, it just really takes it out of you!

Here are some pictures. I plan to do this a lot, so at least we'll have some eye candy, eh?

One of those days... coffee is a blessing!

 I forgot to introduce you: Cinderella, this is blogland! I call it Cinderella, of course it is the snowflake design. This is the first Pyrex design I ever had interest in. Found it in my grandmother's kitchen after her passing. I have a 1Qt Casserole with lid and all. Couldn't pass up this butter dish for $3 at Goodwill. <3

uh oh, i don't think you've met our new couch yet! yeah, this couch is amazing. I would love to post it on's mega awesome couch post, but haven't taken a non-cell phone picture yet. we originally had the Corona sofa from Macy's,also featured on one of Pam's posts, also at Retro Renovation. That has now been moved to the music room. Pictures of that to come later :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be seeing Southern Culture on the Skids:

Definitely my favorite photo of them.

Can't wait!


  1. Oh wow now that's a fun couch! Southern that's a band to see!! Have fun :) and dance for me!


  2. MaryD? I'm honored! I'll be happy to dance a little extra for you :)

  3. LOVE the sofa! And I also love that you're carrying on your grandmother's Pyrex pattern. That's really sweet.

    Don't get hit in the head with any chicken!

  4. Eartha too? wow, today is my lucky day! you two are my "stalk" blogs, haha :) anyway, i actually know a guy that broke his foot slipping on a chicken bone.. i'll be sure to watch out!