Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dressing Vintage

Dressing vintage is a topic that has always scared me. I read so many beautiful blogs about so many beautiful people that can do it, but I've always been intimidated.

My arguments:
Nothing I find seems to fit.
Nothing I find seems to be that neat (midwest syndrome?)
Nothing I find that is worth it is in my price range.
Nothing I find has the perfect occasion in which to wear it.

Really though, I know that if I were to actually look hard for pieces I would find them. And once I found the piece I would love it so much that there would be many occasions to wear it! I have always been a jeans and t-shirt girl, so the topic of going out of my bubble and wearing something truly amazing scares me!

I never even try anything on! I am not very shapely, and most pieces I've tried have been for the "va-va-voom" sorta gal. My goal is to just go for it, perhaps I'll be surprised?

What is your advice in vintage shopping/wearing in this modern world?


  1. I swear to God, I think my yearbook picture when I was a high school junior was made in a dress from that very pattern. My mom made a lot of my clothes, including prom dresses, and they were beautiful. My friends envied them. My grandmother and her sister even made my wedding dress, which was gorgeous. That said, I don't dress vintage now. Been there, done that...LOL But I think you're right. Curvier was stylish back then, so I'm sure dress sizes don't translate exactly. It wasn't till the late 60s' when Twiggy was a sensation that really thin was in.

  2. I have always found that anyone can look just as stupid to people wearing modern clothes as they would wearing something vintage. I started wearing vintage clothes back in the late 80's...alternative punk rock artsy me. I have never given a shit about what people think of me so I've never felt intimidated to follow the beat of my own drum.

    The nice thing about fashion today is that modern clothes are going retro and there is a lot of reproduction clothing in fashion today. You can look vintage inspired without actually wearing vintage.

    If you really want to put your foot in the vintage water, I would suggest starting small with skirts or a basic shirt dress or simple day dress. Also, measure yourself and write down your measurements...waist, bust, shoulder, hip....then add a little room for breathing ...1/2 inch to an inch. Before you even begin shopping for vintage, you need to know your exact measurements. I also always carry a cloth tape measure in my purse. But I have become excellent in eyeballing my size so most of the time I don't use it for myself.

    As far as finding vintage clothing, I shop local but from time to time will buy from etsy or ebay. Most of my closet consists of everyday wear and not much in way of evening dress. I suggest starting with basic day wear dress and going slow.

    Good Luck!!