Wednesday, January 26, 2011

okay sooo...

it has been decided that i need to post about the awesome pattern sets i've been collecting.

found it about 3 years ago, and haven't really found much else.. but i LOVES it. it feels like my classy Betty Draper dinnerware. its Homer Laughlin's Highlander Plaid Dura-Print!!!! (and the crowd goes wiiillllllddddd)

this is my wimpy lil set, but i do enjoy it. i just... i just wanna cuddle with it a lil bit.
i've also been working on the Star Glow set by Royal China which is pretty neat.

I found two saucer dishes a couple years ago and never saw anything else. Suddenly BAM its everywhere!!! I now have 8 plates, 4 butter plates, a berry bowl, and those original saucer dishes. too bad the tea cups are so boring. can't wait to have some formal dinner parties on these bad boys!


ps: what's up with berry bowls? do people really use them? why do i find such cool ones everywhere but can't find actual plates, etc???

got these wicked berry bowls, don't know what the eff to do with them besides get some m-fing berries! BTW: i desperately need the tea cups for this set. Homer Laughlin Modern Star

what sets are you working on??


  1. I love both your patterns...and I agree about the berry bowls. What IS up with that?

    All I collect is Russel Wright Iroquois Casual in ripe apricot and avocado yellow, Russel Wright American modern in granite gray and now Iroquois Harvest Time by Ben Seidel. I'm running out of room to store it.

  2. i feel that!! i'm planning on getting a glorious china cabinet. i have a friend that collects fiestaware and her man said she couldn't buy another piece until they had a proper way to store it (cabinet space just wasn't enough) she found a hutch within days!!! haha

  3. I'm eagerly awaiting some Star Glow in the mail via Etsy. I thought about Salem Biscayne, but decided immediately on the Star Glow when I saw it. I also wouldn't mind some Salem North Star, I think it would be a good compliment to Star Glow.

  4. so true, the Salem North Star is awesome!! i think i found a few berry bowls in that pattern too. once again, just the m-fing berry bowls! do you need me to pick some up for you if i see them again?