Friday, January 14, 2011

Using the Eames Hang-It-All tutorial in real life!

I decided to give the Thompson Family-Life:Eames Hang-It-All tutorial a try!

I pretty much followed the tutorial but felt a lot less prepared or sophisticated than the tutorial writer!

They used wooden balls with a flat side and holes in them, we chose to use some without pre-made holes. 

The room we're using the rack on has an orange theme going on, so we chose orange, sky blue, and black.

 My supplies!

I then had Mr.Man make the drying board as the tutorial suggested. This was fairly easy as expected.

Note: We had to use a 1/4'' drill bit because we accidentally bought a larger dowel rod that we thought matched up to the rack, however once we drilled the holes into the wooden balls we realized it was a little smaller than expected. Go figure! Hot glue should take care of that....

Mr. Man helpin me out!

Then it came time to paint!!! I have a box that I use to spray paint in. The sides help keep the paint from straying :) I painted the little guys first, let them dry... painted them some more.. yadda yadda. 3 coats was pretty appropriate. But I'm a slacker and didn't use primer, so the wood grain show a teenie bit. Oh well, I likes it.

The dryer board they suggested you make is crazy helpful, unless you break a stick off in the holder, which of course I did. Luckily, I had some things laying around in the garage that came in handy:

Then, it was all about letting them dry and hot gluing them on. Which I did, to create this!!:

Yippie ki yay mother fucker.

Excited to put it to good use. And then make about a thousand more. But perhaps when its not 7 degrees outside and freezing in my garage.

FINAL (crappy photos taken with phone too late for natural light.. or any light apparently)


  1. You did an amazing job! Now I want to make one.

  2. Yeah, amazing job! Now I want (you guys) to make (me) one!